Why choose OBM?

VERAS is the interest group for demolition contractors in the Netherlands. VERAS was established on January 1, 2009 as a result of collaboration between industry associations Babex and VS (Association of Demolition Contractors) and currently has around 90 members.

OBM has a sound partnership with VERAS, a partnership that demonstrates the expertise and strength of OBM. Still not convinced? This is what VERAS has to say about us:

OBM is an insurance broker and specializes in insuring construction risks and liability risks. Together with the VERAS board, OBM has developed a product solution for asbestos risks.

We can offer VERAS members an exclusive group arrangement with a discount on their premium, as well as a discount in the event of a favorable claim history. The product can be taken out separately, in addition to your existing liability insurance for companies and. However, you can also make this insurance part of the liability insurance for companies and professions.

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