Are you an intermediary and interested in working with OBM? Contact us and enquire about the possibilities!

Your clients trust your advice and they trust in the insurance they take out through you. As an intermediary you play an important role in minimizing their risks. And make no mistakes, those are large, especially when it comes to construction. This makes your position in a complex sector with major players and fine print anything but unassailable.

Both during and after a project, a lot of things can go wrong resulting in property damage and/or personal injury. So, for construction contractors it’s not a question whether they should insure themselves, but how. This problem probably seems familiar. OBM is here to provide a solution.

•Knowing is half the battle. Our specialization allows us to combine a thorough understanding of their industry with expert knowledge of insurance. We develop products that remove your dependence on the ruling order of insurance companies and brokers. Because we’re an industry specialist we know the interests and the risks related to construction through and through. We know what the policy conditions need to be to provide proper insurance policy. Not only does OBM have the inhouse knowhow to develop products themselves, but we also know our way around those that would bear the risk. Ultimately resulting in tailormade insurance policies.

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