Why choose OBM?

Why choose OBM

You’re looking for a team that combines knowledge of and experience with insurance into clear product solutions. OBM thinks outside the box and attempts, time and time again, to obtain the best possible result for you. We gladly share our knowledge with our clients. This input is highly valued by our clients. A view of the bigger picture sometimes provides new insights to the benefit of our clients. OBM is more than a business partner that arranges your insurance coverage.

Always up-to-date

As an independent specialist in risk management and insurance solutions, we strive to build an enduring partnership with you. A partnership in which risk management is the focal point. We continuously assess what the consequences of your business’ development have in terms of the risk you’re facing, as well as for your liability insurance. Because of this you will always have an insurance policy that is up to date. Thus, when there is damage or injury, you won’t have any surprises. This is the accuracy that distinguishes OBM.

Specialists in dealing with damage or injury

Should damage or injury occur, we will spring into action. We won’t let the resolution depend on the insurance companies, but will actively look for a solution. To do this we work with experts. Through our mediation a lot of our clients as well as counterparties have arrived at a creative solution that did justice to each party’s interests. That can only be done by preeminent specialists.

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