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Asbestos inventory companies

You specialize in inventorying asbestos or it’s merely a part of your organization. Nevertheless, once you finish your work, old buildings will have revealed their dirty little asbestos secrets. That is to say; as far as possible. And that is a hallmark of your chosen profession.

Have you previously experienced the risks attached to your work inventorying asbestos? After all, your company is responsible for the final report. A small omission could lead to dizzying claims which, in a worst-case scenario, could endanger the continued existence of your company and livelihood. OBM knows all about it.

Your firm might have a company liability insurance. Undeniably, you’ll cover important risks but once asbestos is involved, you have a problem. Some examples: Say you’re being held liable by a third party because they’ve been exposed to asbestos due to your wrongful actions. Who will pay the personal injury claim? Say a space gets contaminated with asbestos because of your wrongful actions. Who will pay the additional disposal costs?

Proper and safe work originates with qualified terms of delivery. With these you can prevent problems by clarifying responsibilities and liability. Besides that, you can’t go without a (professional) liability insurance. But, naturally one that also covers the risks related to asbestos.

The Asbestos Insurance Policy from OBM is such a product, developed with a discerning view of the specific needs of businesses which inventory asbestos.

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