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Asbestos removal companies

Once asbestos is found, what was supposed to be a simple demolition or renovation suddenly requires your skills in asbestos removal. This is what you specialise in and clients trust you to handle it. But by relieving them of those worries, the risks fall to you. Big risks, which can see you being held liable as the contractor carrying out the work.


Even if your enterprise has taken out a liability insurance, there’s usually no coverage for risks related to asbestos. Even though the financial consequences of damage or injury from asbestos can be extensive. Consider, for example, your liability as an employer should one of your employees come into contact with asbestos because of a mistake. And, what if a space becomes contaminated with asbestos because of a mistake made by one of your employees? Your business can’t afford these risks.

Proper and safe work originates with qualified terms of delivery. With these you can prevent problems by clarifying responsibilities and liability. Besides that, you can’t go without a liability insurance. But, naturally one that also covers the risks related to asbestos.

The Asbestos Insurance Policy from OBM is such a product. A unique solution, with which any asbestos remover can stay in control and keep cool.

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