For whom?

Asbestos removal companies

Once asbestos is found, what was supposed to be a simple demolition or renovation suddenly requires your skills in asbestos removal. This is what you specialise in and clients trust you to handle it. With your firm’s liability insurance from OBM you’ll have top-notch coverage, with inclusion of the risk involved with asbestos.

Asbestos inventory companies

You do your due diligence and report to your client. But a small oversight can have far reaching consequences.  With a (professional) liability insurance from OBM you’ll have coverage for the most important risks arising from your work.

Independent contractors

You’re an independent contractor. As an expert supervisor for asbestos removal or a certified asbestos remover you carry a lot of responsibility. With the asbestos insurance from OBM, which was specifically developed for independent contractors, you’ll have great coverage for the most important risks.

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