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Liability insurance

Liability insurance for your company or profession is crucial in your sector. A demolition or remediation project, no matter how skilfully done, can lead to unexpected damages. Damage that ranges from cracks in neighbouring buildings to personal injury incurred by employees. Damages that the injured party will seek to redress to your detriment. In most cases you’ll respectfully accept being held liable. Whether you’ll have the means to pay for these damages is another matter entirely. It is highly likely that a claim running into the millions will endanger the continued existence of your company and livelihood. And, even if you’re sufficiently solvent to pay damages, we’re sure you would prefer the certainty and consistency of a monthly premium over an unexpected and unwelcome claim.

What risks do I face as a contractor?

OBM offers liability insurance that provides coverage for both personal injury and property damage. This can relate to your liability in general, your liability as an employer, your liability for your product or services, or even environmental liability. With these insurance policies you’ll protect yourself from claims arising from damages caused by your activities as a contractor. And, what makes our liability insurance for asbestos removal and demolition companies so special: We also provide coverage for personal injury to employees or third parties as a result of activities involving asbestos!


General liability

A building site presents an increased risk of accidents. These accidents can cause personal injury or property damage for which you will be held liable. Usually, this is resolved without interference from any insurance. When it comes to asbestos, it’s another matter. The owner of an adjoining building may end up holding you, the asbestos remover, liable for the damage arising from an inadvertent asbestos contamination. Should that adjoining building be a store, the damages arising from having to temporarily close may be appended to the claim.

Furthermore, should the contamination occur during opening hours of this store, the customers are highly likely to hold you liable for any possible future damage resulting from exposure to asbestos fibres.

OBM has an excellent insurance solution to the examples given above. This way, you’ll not only fulfil the requirements for your certification, but you’ll also be safeguarding the continued existence of your company.

Employer liability

Your employees are the face of your company; they represent your company at a job site and you’re proud of your company and your employees.  In case of an accident involving asbestos and your employees, those same employees could hold you liable for personal injury or damage they suffer. Should that happen, you’d benefit from an insurance policy that includes coverage for employers’ liability. The insurance OBM offers can include that coverage. Great for your company, of course, but also for your employees.

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